"I'm going to save Pearl Harbor!" - Tokashi, 1941
Tokashi Hashimoto 2
Tokashi Hashimoto (September 12, 1924 - December 7, 1941) was a Japanese soldier in World War 2. His rank was Private. He was in the group of Jimmy Machiavelli who was his Sergeant.

Early Life (1924 - 1940)Edit

Tokashi Hashimoto was born in Tokyo on September 12, 1924. He studied in school in the period of 1931 - 1940, although he was supposed to finish it in 1942. He lived a peaceful life as a civilian in USA until entered World War 2 in January 1941.

World War 2 (1941)Edit

Tokashi went to the Barracks to be a soldier in January 1941. 12 months later he took part in the Pearl Harbor Attack with his group of Joey, Jimmy and James Arthur. He died there after being fatally shot by a Japanese plane. He fought for the Americans although he is Japanese.

Mission Appearances Edit

Gangster's Life 2 Edit

1. Some undone shit

Events Edit

1. World War 2 - 1941


1. He's one of the youngest people to die in the game, along with Versace, who died at the age of 16.