"Why didn't you told him about everything" - Marylin to John, 1925
Marilyn Machiavelli, née Johnson (March 3, 1883 - March 15, 1930) was an American woman who was active in the period from 1915 to her death in 1930. She's born to a rich family. Later she met John in 1913 and married him 2 years later in 1915. She had no kids of him.

Early Life (1883 - 1901)Edit

She had a normal childhood. Her father was Jacob. She was born in Boston and was a student from 1890 to 1901.

His and his wife's Death (1930)Edit

In 1930, she and John were assassinated by unknown person, who entered their house. When their son Jimmy saw them, he sweared that the killer will pay for their death.

Mission Appearances Edit

Gangster's Life 2 Edit

  1. Last Man Standing - Killed in mission

Events Edit

  1. ESB Construction - 1930