I'll enter!" - Maggie, 1905
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Maggie Machiavelli, née Amitrano (April 10, 1887 - April 15, 1912) was an Italian woman who was active in the period from 1905 to her death in 1912. She's born to a rich family. Later she met John in 1908 and married him 2 years later in 1910. She had two kids - Joey in 1911 and Jimmy in 1912.

Early Life (1887 - 1905)Edit

Maggie was born in April 10, 1887 in the Sicilian city Palermo. Her father was Davido. She had a nice childhood since she entered the Family in 1905.

In the Family (1905 - 1912)Edit

She entered the Family in 1905, where 3 years later she met John Machiavelli in 1908 and they did several missions together. They fell in love with each other and later got married in 1910. They had 2 children in 2 years. Their first child Joey was born without problem, but with Jimmy the things weren't so nice.

Titanic Disaster (1912)Edit

Maggie and her husband decided to go to 2-week-long vacation to their homeland Italy. There John found out that in Southampton is built the biggest ship in the world - Titanic. They went to England to return to New York where they live. Maggie also was about to give a birth to her second child. But 4 days later Titanic hit an iceberg and started to sink. She and her husband went to the top of the ship when it was vertical. But then Maggie started to give a birth. She gave life to her child - Jimmy but literaly second after his birth, she fell from the ship and died. She knew her second kid only for seconds.

Mission Appearances Edit

Events Edit

  1. Titanic Disaster - 1912