"You're gonna pay for what you've done!" - Jimmy, 1930
Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is the 1st mission in Gangster's Life 2, involving Jimmy Machiavelli, Michael Jensen and Danny Monroe. It is set in March 15, 1930 in New York, USA. This is the most important mission in Gangster's Life 2, because it gives the beginning of a war that Jimmy declares on the one that killed his parents and that starts the other missions.

Story - March 15, 1930 Edit

In March 15, 1930, Jimmy (almost 18) was about to go home after school. But when he entered his room and found his father John and his stepmother Marilyn dead after they were both fatally shot by someone. When he saw them, he sweared that the killer will pay for what he have done! Then he found out that the killers are Michael Jensen and Danny Monroe! He kills them on the construction site of Empire State Building. But while he jumped, he fell and got a scar at the back for life.