"Maggie! NO!!!" - John, 1912
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John Machiavelli (January 21, 1885 - March 15, 1930) was an American gangster who was active in the period from 1903 to his death in 1930. His father is James Machiavelli - the first Machiavelli born in America. Through his life he experienced one of the most famous event in early 20th century. He has two sons named Jimmy and Joey. His first wife was Maggie and his second wife was Marilyn.

Early Life (1885 - 1900)Edit

John Machiavelli was born on January 21, 1885. He was the son of James Machiavelli. He was a student from 1892 to 1903.

Entering the Family (1903)Edit

Titanic Disaster (1912)Edit

John and his wife decided to go to 2-week-long vacation to their homeland Italy. There he found out that in Southampton is built the biggest ship in the world - Titanic. They went to England to return to New York where they live. Maggie also was about to give a birth to her second child. But 4 days later Titanic hit an iceberg and started to sink. She and her husband went to the top of the ship when it was vertical. But then Maggie started to give a birth. She gave life to her child - Jimmy but literaly second after his birth, she fell from the ship and died. She knew her second kid only for seconds.

His and his wife's Death (1930)Edit

In 1930, he and Marilyn were assassinated by unknown person, who entered their house. When their son Jimmy saw them, he sweared that the killer will pay for their death.

Mission Appearances Edit

Gangster's Life 1 Edit

As the protagonist, he appears in all the missions!

Gangster's Life 2 Edit

  1. Last Man Standing - Killed in mission

Events Edit

  1. Titanic Disaster - 1912
  2. ESB Construction - 1930