"He was a great brother!" - Joey in an interview in 1994
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Joey Machiavelli (June 18, 1911 - September 10, 1997) was an American gangster who was active in the period from 1930 to his death in 1997. His father is John, his biological mother is Maggie and his stepmother is Marilyn. He has a son named Charly. Also his ancestor is Niccolo Machiavelli. Through his life he experiences one of the most famous events in 20th century. His brother is Jimmy.

Early Life (1911 - 1930)Edit

Joey was born in June 18, 1911 with parents John and Maggie. He had a normal childhood. He went to school from 1918 to 1929. He and his brother were very close each other!

The 1994 InterviewEdit

He and Jimmy's best friend Jeremy were interviewed in 1994 about Jimmy's life because it was 20 years since his death. He told about him and his adventures with him. He was at the age of 83 then.

Death (Sept 10, 1997)Edit

He died in the afternoon of September 10, 1997 because of old age at the age of 86.


1. He was the only one in the Machiavelli family, who died naturally, everyone other died either killed or from a disease. The only others are Charly and his son Jack, but they are still alive at the age of 74 and 43.

2. Joey didn't go to War Barracks because he had a flat foot! Despite that, he participated in World War 2!