"You're going to pay for what you've done!" - Jimmy, 1930
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Jimmy Machiavelli (April 15, 1912 - August 10, 1974) was an American gangster who was active in the period from 1930 to his leg injury in 1960. He was born to a rich family. His father is John, his biological mother is Maggie and his stepmother is Marilyn. He has a son named Charly. Also his ancestor is Niccolo Machiavelli. Through his life he experiences one of the most famous events in 20th century.

Early Life (1912-1925)Edit

Jimmy Machiavelli was born on April 15, 1912, the day Titanic sank. His parents decided to return to New York after a short excursion to their homeland Italy. John heard that the biggest ship in the world then (Titanic) goes to New York City and decided to travel by it. But then Titanic hit an iceberg and started to sink. At the same time his mother was about to give birth to him. She died seconds after Jimmy was born because she fell of  the ship at a high height. He didn't know his father was a gangster until 1925, at the age of 13, when he was chased by group of John's rivals. He escaped succesfully. Then his father told him about everything. He was a student from 1919 to 1930.

His parents' death (1930)Edit

In 1930, he was about to get home, but when he entered his room and found his father John and his stepmother Marilyn dead after they were both fatally shot by someone. When he saw them, he sweared that the killer will pay for what he have done! Then he found out that the killers are Michael Jensen and Danny Monroe! He kills them on the construction site of Empire State Building. But while he jumped, he fell and got a scar at the back for life.

Mission Appearances Edit

Gangster's Life 2 Edit

As the protagonist, he appears in all the missions!

Events Edit

  1. Titanic Disaster - 1912
  2. ESB Construction - 1930
  3. World War 2 (1941 - 1945)

Death (1974) Edit

Charly was on his way to see his father Jimmy. When he entered his house, he found him laying on the floor. He thought of the worst and called all his family and the ambulance. In the hospital, 30 minutes later, a doctor got out of his cabinet and told Charly that his father had a heart attack and has died in the hospital. Charly hugged his family and he had to think about his funeral. They made it 2 days later.