"Dad! No! DAD!" - Charly, 1974
Jimmy's Last Day-0

Jimmy's Last Day is the 16th mission in Gangster's Life 3, involving Charly and Jimmy. It is set in 10-12 August, 1974 in the town of Los Angeles, USA.

Story (August 10-12, 1974) Edit

August 10, 1974 - Jimmy's Death Edit

Charly was on his way to see his father Jimmy. When he entered his house, he found him laying on the floor. He thought of the worst and called all his family and the ambulance. In the hospital, 30 minutes later, a doctor got out of his cabinet and told Charly that his father had a heart attack and has died in the hospital. Charly hugged his family and he had to think about his funeral. They made it 2 days later.

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August 11, 1974 - Getting ready for the funeral Edit

Charly went to the Graveyard and chose the grave for his father. Then he made some necrologues all around the city.

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August 12, 1974 - Jimmy's Funeral Edit

The funeral started. Charly and all his family put flowers next to Jimmy. After that they started to walk down to the graveyard. When they arrived, they buried down Jimmy and said goodbye to him forever.