"Let's do it, for Mother Russia! URA!" - Ivan, 1943

Ivan Gerasim (January 5, 1925 - January 30, 1943) was a Russian soldier in World War 2. His rank was Private. He was in the group of Jimmy Machiavelli who was his Sergeant.

Early Life (1924 - 1940) Edit

Ivan Gerasim was born in Saint-Peterburg on January 5, 1925. He studied in school in the period of 1932 - 1942. He lived a peaceful life as a civilian in USA until entered World War 2 in Autumn 1942.

World War 2 (1942 - 1943) Edit

Ivan was called to be a soldier in September 1942. He took part in the Stalingrad Battle with his group of JoeyJimmy and James Arthur. He died there after being killed by a Bomb Explosion

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Gangster's Life 2 Edit

1. Some undone shit

Events Edit

1. World War 2 (1942 - 1943)

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