George Kenway1
"My grandfather was a templar!" - George, 1804

George Kenway (July 4, 1785 - October 10, 1865) was an American assassin who was active in the period from 1803 to 1825. He was born to a rich family. His father is Connor. He has a son named Jack. His grandson is Mason, who changed the surname to Miles. Through his life he experiences one of the most famous events in the early 19th century..

Early Life (1785 - 1803) Edit

George was born on July 4, 1785, the 9th birthday of America! His father was the famous assassin Connor Kenway, who participated in American Revolutionary War!

Life as an Assassin (1803 - 1825) Edit

He became an assassin in 1803 at the age of 18. He served for 22 year till 1825, when his son Jack continued his duty!

Death - Oct 10, 1865 Edit

He died a little bit after the end of the Civil War at the age of 80! At this time his son Jack was 60 and his grandson Mason - 30. He died 2 years before the birth of his great-grandson Jason in 1867!

Trivia Edit

1. He is the only character in GL series, born in 18th century!