"You wanna buy some magic, modafocka!" - George, 2001
George Brown Orig
G'eorge Brown (June 4, 1982 - July 28, 2005) was an American Student who escaped from his mother Lydia in 1999 and was killed in 2005 by some Russian gangsters. His mother searched him for years, when finally in 2014 she acknowledged that he was dead 9 years earlier.

Early Life (1982 - 1999)Edit

George was born on June 4, 1982 in Los Angeles. He held a normal life until 1996, when he was 14. Then puberty striked him and he became more and more bad. Then in September 1999, he wanted to smoke with his friend but his mother didn't let him. He got angry and escaped his home to become a Dealer.

Active Years (1999 - 2005)Edit

After he escaped, he started to smoke Marijuana and other drugs. He started to try to transport illegal drugs to Russia in 2000. He made tons of crimes for years, not wanting to hear about his mother, although she searched for him since he got away.

Death (July 28, 2005)Edit

He went to Saint Peterburg in Russia on July 25, 2005 to deal some "Gangsta Shit" to some Russians. When he arrived, after 3 days there he was fatally shot by Yury Hatrachian, who also died 2 years later.