"Frank Rooster... or to say... Cock!" - Jimmy, 1960
Frank Rooster

Frank Rooster (January 12, 1905 - February 25, 1960) was an American gangster who was active in the period from 1930 to his death in 1960. 

Early Life (1905 - 1930) Edit

Frank was born in January 12, 1905. He went to school from 1912 - 1923. He had a normal poor childhood. He became a gangster in 1928.

John and Marilyn's Assassination - 1930 Edit

He was given an order from a higher-rank person to kill John and Marilyn Machiavelli. He didn't want to go to prison, so he paid Michael and Danny to kill them instead.

Death - 1960 Edit

In February 25, 1960, Jimmy realized that he is guilty for his parents' death and finds him in a hotel. When he is about to kill him, Frank shoots him in the knee and invalids him for the rest of his life. But minutes later, Charly caughts him behind a door and shoots him, and after that stabs him with knife multiply times!

Mission Appearances Edit

1. Lifetime Wound - Killed in Mission

Trivia Edit

1. Other word for his surname (Rooster) is Cock.