"Who are those fucking Chineses!" - Charly, 1967
Chinese Shootout

Chinese Shootout is the 9th mission in Gangster's Life 3, involving Charly, Katy and Joey. It is set in August 27, 1967  on the Great Wall of China.

Story - August 27, 1967 Edit

Charly went to the Great Wall of China on a vacation! But an hour after they started to walk down the Wall, some gangsters with ropes jumped on the wall and tried to attack them, riding motorbikes! Charly and Katy stole the first one's bike! His friend did the same!

Then a motobike chase started! Some of the enemies bumped in trees and bridges. The protagonists escaped after a hard chase! Then, a bomb behind them exploded which was designated for them! After that they realised that someone is thinking their bad. Charly had a thought that it may be his enemy - Mike Johnson, who hated Charly, 'cos he killed his brother Jill in 1961. He was sure, but there was no evidence!