"Ha ha ha!" - Armani, 1944
Armani Versace
Armani Versace (April 21, 1928 - June 10, 1944) was an Italian soldier in World War 2. His rank was Private. He was in the group of Jimmy Machiavelli who was his Sergeant.

Early Life (1928 - 1944)Edit

Armani Versace was born in Florence on April 21, 1928. He studied in school in the period of 1935 - 1944, although he was supposed to finish it in 1946. He lived a peaceful life as a civilian in Italy until he entered World War 2 in June 1944.

World War 2 (1944)Edit

Tokashi took part in the Normandy Landings with his group of Joey, Jimmy and James Arthur. He survived the battlefield but was killed 3 days later, because he acted badly for a war and made fun of the General and was fatally shot. He fought for the Americans although he is Japanese.


1. He's the youngest person to die in the game, who died at the age of 16.