"Purnarov, get to the board!" - Evseeva, 2014

Mrs. Alexandra Evseeva (born May 24, 1954) is a Russian prostitute (later teacher). She was Putin's prostitute in the period between 1972 - 1978. Later, in 2004, she became a teacher in PEG "Ivan Apostolov" in Bulgaria!

Early Life (1954 - 1972) Edit

Mrs. Evseeva was born on May 24, 1954 in Yekaterinburg, Russia. In 1958, aged 4, she and her family moved to live in Moscow!

Life as a prostitute (1972 - 1978) Edit

In 1972, when Evseeva was 18, started business in a Russian Strip Club in Moscow!

A month later, she met Vladimir Putin. She prostituted to him for several months and the became his private prostitute for 6 years, till 1978 (aged 24), when she had to quit her job, because of gangster business! She went to live in Bulgaria.

Life as a teacher (2004 - now) Edit

Now she is a teacher in the PELS "Ivan Apostolov", which is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. One of her students - Dimitar Purnarov - knows about her business as a prostitute in 1970s.